Publications in 2018

(681)   “Charge and spin coupling in copper compounds with two hemilabile noninnocent ligands – Ambivalence in three dimensions”

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(682)   “Isomeric Diruthenium Complexes Bridged by Deprotonated Indigo in cis and trans Configuration”

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(683)   “A Route to Base Coordinate Silicon Difluoride and the Silicon Trifluoride Radical”

S.Sinhababu, S. Kundu, A.N. Paesch, R. Herbst-Irmer, D. Stalke, I. Fernández, G. Frenking, A.C. Stückl, B. Schwederski, W. Kaim and H.W. Roesky, Chem. Eur. J. 24 (2018) 1264-1268.

(684)   “At the Borderline between Metal-Metal Mixed Valency and a Radical Bridge Situation: Four Charge States of a Diruthenium Complex with a Redox-active Bis(mer-tridentate) Ligand”

S. Mondal, B. Schwederski, W. Frey, J. Fiedler, S. Zalis and W. Kaim, Inorg. Chem. 57 (2018) 3983-3992.