Muffle Furnaces (Nabertherm)

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Muffle Furnace with Temperature Programming
View inside a Muffle Furnace at 900°C

The Schleid group owns 14 muffle furnace with integrated temperature control, some of the are also equipped with automated timer programming. These furnaecd enable reactions in a temperature range from room temperature up to 1200°C. The reaction containers, usually evacuated silica ampoules are standing upright in the furnaces and due to the rather spacious heating chamber, the furnace can host several ampoules at the same time (up to 10-12)


Tube Furnaces (Eurotherm)


The furnace lab of the Schleid group hosts about 18 tube furnaces with external temperature controlers. With these furnaces temperatures up to 1100°C can be achieved. In the tubes of those furnaces is room for upt to three ampoules, wchih lie horizontally. After the ampoules are put into the heating tube, a rod-shaped temperature sensor is inserted end the ends of the tupe are sealed with rock wool.



Tube Furnace with Temperature Controller


Graphite Furnace (Linn High Therm)


The graphite furnace like the muffle and tube furnaes is used fro longer reaction times (several days or weeks). In this furnace reaction temperatures up to 2500°C can be achieved, enabling to carry out reactions without flux. Because of the high temperatures in thie graphite furnace only metal reaction containers (niobium, tantalum or platinum) are used.

Graphite furnace with Temperature Controller


Induction Furnace (Linn High Therm)


The induction furnace enables temperatures up to 3000°C, therefore only metal reaction containers can be used. In contrast to the other furnaces the reaction times in the induction furnace is limited to several hours. Due to the high temperatures it is also possible to carry out reactions without flux.