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Jean-Louis Hoslauer


Doctoral researcher
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry


+49 711 685 64235
+49 711 685 64241

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4.302


My research is based on hydride-containing rare-earth metal compounds. These include for example hydride halides of divalent metals as well as the now heavily researched hydride oxides. For the divalent europium is besides characterization and structure determination the luminescence part of my research as well.

[1] J.-L. Hoslauer: "Seltenerdmetall(III)-Fluoridselenide: Im Dschungel der Polymorphe" Bachelor Thesis, University of Stuttgart (2016).

[2] J.-L. Hoslauer: "Hydridhaltige Seltenerdmetallverbindungen" Master Thesis, University of Stuttgart (2018).



[1] D. Rudolph, J.-L. Hoslauer, Th. Schleid: „Sr2H3Br: An Unexpected Phase in the SrH2–SrBr2 System”, Poster Contribution: 19th Conference of the Solid-Sate and Materials Chemistry and the Wöhler Section of the German Chemical Society, Regensburg, Deutschland (September 24th-27th 2018).

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