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Herr M.Sc.

Mario Cicač-Hudi

Institut für Anorganische Chemie
AK Gudat


+49 711 685-64246

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 4.567


Current projects contain the generation of NHC stabilized phosphorus precursors from P4 - mainly NHC-phosphinidenes - to useful phosphine (cations) and phosphoranide building blocks respectively. Understanding the reactivity and reaction behaviour of phosphorus compounds in low oxidation states may unravel newly hidden reaction channels.

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  2. Cicac-Hudi, M.; Schlindwein, S. H.; Feil, C. M.; Nieger, M.; Gudat, D. Cationic Diiodo-​Phosphoranides through Oxidative I2 Addition to Tricyclic Phosphamethine Cyanines. Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 2019, 644 (21), 1304–1310.
  3. Cicac-Hudi, M.; Schlindwein, S. H.; Feil, C. M.; Nieger, M.; Gudat, D. Isolable N-Heterocyclic Carbene Adducts of the Elusive Diiodophosphine. Chemical Communications (Cambridge, United Kingdom) 2018, 54 (55), 7645--7648.
  4. Cicac-Hudi, M.; Bender, J.; Schlindwein, S. H.; Bispinghoff, M.; Nieger, M.; Gruetzmacher, H.; Gudat, Dietrich. Direct Access to Inversely Polarized Phosphaalkenes from Elemental Phosphorus or Polyphosphides. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2016, 2016 (5), 649--658.
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