Research: In situ Neutron Diffraction

In situ Neutron Diffraction for Formation of Metastable Nitrides

In the frame of SPP1415 „Crystalline Nonequilibriumphases - Preparation, Characterisation and in situ Investigations of Formation Mechanisms" the formation of metastable metal nitrides as well as the non-metal order and rearrangement mechanisms will be studied via in situ neutron diffraction. For this purpose a measurement set-up is developed in cooperation with PD Dr. Holger Kohlmann (Institut für Anorganische und Analytische Chemie und Radiochemie, Universität des Saarlandes), which contains a sample container made from a sapphire single crystal as central unit. The set-up will be suitable for gas pressures up to 400 bar (D2, N2, ND3) and maximum temperatures of 600 °C. The experimental work will be conducted in close collaboration with theoretical predictions, stability calculations and chemical bonding considerations (cooperation with Dr. Helge Rosner, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden), with special focus on physical properties of the target compounds. Final aim will be the understanding of nucleation and formation of metastable phases for a directed and predictable synthesis.