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The research is in the field of new inorganic materials or known functional materials obtained in a novel form. A general feature is the demanding synthetic approach for new compounds with high purity. The typic characterization methods comprise X-ray and neutron diffraction on single crystals and polycrystalline powders, thermochemical analysis and chemical analysis as well as the determination of relevant properties (magnetism, transport properties, mechanical properties etc.)

The currently offered topics comprise:

  • Novel metal-rich nitrides
    • Synthesis of ternary nitrides with inverted perovskite structure
    • Synthesis in metal ampoules under inert gas atmosphere
    • Structure elucidation using X-ray and neutron diffraction


  • Ammonothermal synthesis of semiconductors und intermediates during the synthesis
    • Synthesis of Ga1−xMxN (M = Sc, Cr) and related solid solutions
    • Synthesis of Al-compounds and characterization via NMR-spectroscopy
    • NMR-spectroscopical investigations of the system Ga/ANH2/NH3 (A = alkaline metal)
    • Optimization of the InN-synthesis
    • Synthesis of ternary transition metal zinc nitrides  and transition metal earth alkaline metal nitrides
    • Characterization of amidohydroxidozincates




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Rainer Niewa

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