The group of PD Dr. Ingo Hartenbach

Solid-State Chemistry

The Hartenbach group is focused on synthesis and characterization of potential luminescent materials on the base of rare-earth metal molybdates and tungstates.

Research Areas


Synthesis and structure

A main aspect of the above mentioned reaearch topics is the single phase synthesis and the crystal structure determinations of new materials. Therefore, different synthesis methods, from solid-state synthesis to solvochemical techniques to of high-pressure processes.

The characterization of the obtained products is performed by single-crystal and powder X-ray diffractions as well as vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman) and electron microprobe analysis.

Characterization of the properties


The doping of suitable host materials with active cations leads to luminescent materials. Their optical properties are investigated by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy as well as photoluminescence spectroscopy (in coorperation with the group of Prof. Dr. Henning Höppe at the University of Augsburg).


The behavior of the synthesized materials in the magnetic field can be of interest if open-shell rare-earth metals interact with transition metals. Hence, appropriate compunds are investigated reagrding their magnetic susceptibility.

This image shows Ingo Hartenbach

Ingo Hartenbach

PD Dr. rer. nat.

Privatdozent / Group Leader

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