Domestic Equipment

Equipment at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Stuttgart

Glove boxes

We have various glove boxes in different sizes. They are filled either with argon or nitrogen. To weigh chemicals a few glove boxes are equipped with laboratory scales. One box has a built-in microscope which enables the preparation of oxygen- or water-sensitive samples for X-ray structure analysis.

PD Dr. Ingo Hartenbach

Single crystal and powder X-ray diffractometers

The institute inherites several single crystal diffractometers:
- IPDS-I from Stoe&Cie with BaFCl:Eu2+-doped Image-Plate
- Kappa-CCD from Bruker-Nonius with cooling (up to a maximum of -170°C) and heating (up to a maximum of 1000°C)

as well as severalpowder diffractometers:
- STADI-P from Stoe&Cie equipped with position sensitive (PDS) and Image-Plate (IP) detektora
- STADI-P from Stoe&Cie equipped with Mythen 1K detektor
- Rigaku Smart LabPowder Diffraction System

PD Dr. Ingo Hartenbach

Electron Ray Microprobe

The electron ray microprobe Cameca type SX100 is used to perform qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses to verify the chemical composition of single crystals whose structure was solved by X-ray single crystal structure analysis.

PD Dr. Ingo Hartenbach


We have two ESR-spectrometers:

  • EMX-ESR-Spektrometer from Bruker
  • Benchtop-ESR-Spectrometer MiniScope MS5000 from Magnettech GmbH
Dr. Vasileios Filippou

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instruments

The institute inherites two NMR instruments from Bruker:

  • AV250 with automatic sample changer
  • AV400
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Gudat
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