The Group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Schleid

Solid-State Chemistry

The Schleid group is focussed on synthesis and characterization of multianionic rare-earth metal compounds in the solid state.

Research goals

Synthesis and strcutural characterization

  • Rare-earth metal nitride chalcogenides and halogenides
  • Rare-earth metal compounds with complex chalcogenido (oxo, thio, seleno, telluro,) anions, such as borates, silicates, phosphates, tantalates as well as their anionic and cationic derivatives
  • Rare-earth metal oxoarsenates, -selenates, and -tellurates in different oxidation states (e. g. As(III), As(V), Se(IV), Se(VI), Te(IV), Te(VI)) with investigations on the influence of a stereochemically active lone-pair.
  • Coinage metal derivatives of rare-earth metal chalcogenides and pnictogenides
  • Derivates of deca- and dodecaborates with variable metal cations and ligands

Investigations on structure-property relationships

  • Investigations on the luminescence behavior of activator doped rare-earth metal material, maily in combination with complex oxoanions (e. g. silicates, selenates) and their derivatives as well as in fluorides
  • Investigations on the magnetism of appropriate rare-earth metal compounds
  • Investigations of pressure- and temperature-induced phase transitions
This image shows Thomas Schleid

Thomas Schleid

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.


This image shows Ingo Hartenbach

Ingo Hartenbach

PD Dr. rer. nat.

Privatdozent / Group Leader

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