Exams-, Bachelor-, Masterthesis and Dissertation / Internship

Are you interested in a Bachelor-, Masterthesis, Dissertation or an internship in inorganic solid-state chemistry and materials chemitry?

The research is in the field of new inorganic materials or known functional materials with a novel form. A general feature is the demanding synthetical approach of the compounds with high purity. The typical characterization methods comprise X-ray and neutron diffraction at single crystals and polycrystalline powders, thermochemical analysis and chemical solid-state analysis as well as the determination of relevant properties (Magnetism, transport characteristics, mechanical properties etc.)

The currently offered topics comprise:

  • Novel metal-rich Nitrides
    • Synthesis of ternary nitrides with inverted perovskite structure
    • Synthesis in metal ampoules under inert gas atmosphere
    • Structure elucidation using X-ray and neutron diffraction


  • Ammonothermal synthesis von semiconductors und intermediates during the synthesis
    • Synthesis of MxGa1−xN (M = Sc, Cr)
    • Synthesis ammonoacidic Al-compounds and characterization via NMR-spectroscopy
    • NMR-spectroscopical investigations  on the system Ga/ANH2 (A = alkaline metal)
    • Optimisation of the InN-synthesis
    • Synthesis of ternary transition metal zinc nitrides  and transition metal earth alkaline metal nitrides
    • Characterization of amidohydroxidozincates




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Rainer Niewa

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