Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

University of Stuttgart; Pfaffenwaldring 55; 70569 Stuttgart; Germany

University of Stuttgart; Pfaffenwaldring 55; D-70569 Stuttgart

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Biprajit Sarkar

Zimmer 3.102, Tel. 0711 685-64171,

Annette Kling

Angela Winkelmann


Prof. Dr. Thomas Schleid

Zimmer 4.308, Tel. 0711 685-64212,

Sumati Panicker


Dr. Klaus Hübler

Zimmer 3.509, Tel. 0711 685-64212,

Sonja Schenk


Prof. Dr. D. Gudat

Our research covers the wide range of Inorganic Molecular Chemistry, but general underlying themes are phosphorous Chemistry.

Administration of the NMR- and Elemental analysis unit
Dean of Bachelor and Master Students


Prof. Dr. W. Kaim (retired)

The resarch group is working in the field of inorganic coordination chemistry. Typical analytic methods as cyclic voltammetry, UV-Vis-NIR-IR-spectroelectrochemistry and EPR spectroscopy are used.


Prof. Dr. R. Niewa

The group is working in the field of Inorganic Materials Chemistry of new inorganic materials or known functional materials in a novel form. A general feature is a sophisticated synthetic approach of the substances and the understanding of the synthetic routes.

He is responsible for the modules "Anorganische Synthesechemie für Fortgeschrittene (ACIII)", "Solid State Materials Chemistry" and "Grundzüge der Angewandten Chemie" and additionally lectures within the module "Vertiefte Anorganische Chemie".


Prof. Dr. Th. Schleid

The research focus of the Schleid group lies in the field of inorganic solid state chemistry comprising mulit-anionic rare-earth metal compounds and investigations on their structure-property relationships.

He is responsible for the modules "Einführung in die Chemie" and "Praktische Einführung in die Chemie" and gives lectures within the modules "Vertiefte Anorganische Chemie", "Anorganische Synthesechemie für Fortgeschrittene" und "Solid-State and Materials Chemistry"

Prof. Schleid is chairman of the examination comission for the eduactional students in chemitry and he is BAFöG commissioner.


Academic Staff

Dr. Björn Blaschkowski


Practical course "Grundlagen der Anorganischen und Analytischen Chemie (AC I)", safety delegate

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Dr. Ingo Hartenbach

The research focus of the Hartenbach group lies within derivatives of rare-earth metal molybdates and tungstates, especially in their suitabilty as luminescence materials.

His teaching comprises organisation and tutoring within the module "Einführung in die Chemie", laboratory supervision within the module "Praktische Einführung in die Chemie" and lecturing within the module "Grundlagen der Anorganischen und Analytischen Chemie".

Dr. Hartenbach is also engaged with recent problems in X-ray structure analysis, he is the deputy radiation safety officer and construction commissioner.

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Dr. Klaus Hübler


Practical course for advanced students (VL-Verz. 05125); ACII-module; BAFöG; IT-Service, administration, delegate for construction concerns, delegate for machine shop concerns, structural chemistry, CSD searches

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Dr. Falk Lissner


Practical course for advanced students (VL-Verz. 05125); X-Ray structure analysis, radiation safety officer, safety delegate

Dr. Brigitte Schwederski


Practical course "Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie" for environmental engineers and process technicians; lecture "Inorganic Chemistry" for degree courses WAREM and WASTE; Analytic

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This image shows Biprajit Sarkar
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Biprajit Sarkar

Executive Direktor

This image shows Thomas Schleid
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Thomas Schleid


This image shows Klaus Hübler
Dr. rer. nat.

Klaus Hübler

AOR - Administration

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