Research: Metal-rich Nitrides

Metal-rich Nitrides

The nitride ion in comparison to the oxide ion possesses a higher charge and a higher polarizability. Thereby, it more easily tolerates anionic polarized metal and semimetal species in inorganic solids. Additionally, it is able to stabilize low oxidations states of 3d metals. Nitrides connect in their properties the classical oxides to interstitial carbides. These properties allow the preparation of a wide range of different metal-rich nitrides. In this broad field we are dealing with lithium, alkaline-earth metal and rare-earth metal nitrides containing a further main-group element. Depending on elemental combination the compounds are potential lithium ionic conductors, hard materials, or magnetic/electronic materials.


System Sr–Ba–Bi–N: Crystal strucutres of invers 4H Perowskite (Sr1.9Ba1.1N)Bi and invers 9R Perowskite (Sr0.5Ba2.5N)Bi as well as representation of homogeneity ranges of cubic, 4H, 9R and 2H phase.