Research: Supraconducting Iron Pnictides

Supraconducting Iron Pnictides

In the frame of the SPP1458 „High-Temperature Superconducting Iron Pnictides" the newly discovered iron pnictide superconductor materials will be prepared in pure form and subsequently modified by selected chemical reactions. Those reactions involve ion exchange of alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions by different versatile metal ions, chemical (de)intercalation of alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions and oxidation of the starting compound leading to hole doping of the iron pnictide layer, oxide ion extraction via reduction of the starting compound resulting in electron doping of the iron pnictide layer as well as solvatization. All reactions serve the aim not only to change the electronic situation within the iron pnictide layers but to vary distance and/or relative orientation of those layers and chemical bonding situation to the interconnecting species. For crystal growth in later stage of the project we aim to conduct the reactions in a topochemical fashion. From the study of the resulting properties of the new compounds we expect fundamental insights in interdependencies of structure and properties.


Crystal structures of the most prominent prototypes of the new iron pnictide supraconductors.