Offers for Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma-, Educational Exam-, and Doctoral Theses

sld_jobInterested in Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry?

In the Schleid group it is possible to carry out bachelor-, master-, diploma-, educational exam-, and doctoral theses.

What can be learned?

  • Synthesis of solid-state compounds performed in different ways
  • Structure determination via X-ray diffraction with single crystals and crystal powders
  • Fundamentals of crystallography
  • Investigations of structure-property relationships

Was are the requirements?

A good chemical education and motivation, naturally.

What are the topics?

A detailed list of the research topics of the Schleid group can be found here. An overview of the research can be found on this  poster (in German); aims, equipment and methods are found on this poster (in German). Other research ideas are welcome too.

Topics for Bachelor theses for summer semester 2018 (in German):