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Constantin Buyer

Doctoral student
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry


+49 711 685-64223
+49 711 685-64241

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 4.169


My project is the synthesis and characterization of Rare-earth metal(III) fluoride chalcogenides.

[3] C. Buyer, H. Grossholz, Th. Schleid, "The Structural Dimorphism of Lanthanum Oxide Fluorde Selenide La2OF2Se", Crystals 2019, 9, 435,

[2] C. Buyer: "Neues aus dem Bereich der Seltenerdmetall(III)-Fluoridchalkogenide" Master thesis, University of Stuttgart (2018).

[1] C. Buyer: "Selten-Erd-Metall(III)-Fluoridsulfide als Wirtgitter für Leuchtstoffe" Bachelor thesis, University of Stuttgart (2016).



[2] C. Buyer, S. Wolf, Th. Schleid: "NaCe18O9F19Se9: A Sodium-Containing Compound in the Ce2OF2Se - Ce6O2F8Se3 System" Posterbeitrag: 27th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society, Leipzig, Germany (March 25th-28th 2019).

[1] C. Buyer, D. D. Zimmermann, Th. Schleid: "CsSc3S5: The First Ternary Sulfide with CsEr3Se5-Type Structure" Poster Contribution: 26th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society, Essen, Germany (March 5th-8th 2018).

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