Stereo Polarizationmicroscope SZX-9 (Olympus)

sld_mikrsz9.jpg Both of the stereo polarization microscopes SZX-9 are able to achieve a zoom factor of 57. One of the microscopes is equipped with a camera adapter for photographical documentation of single crystals. Polarizers can be inserted in the transmitted light units and together with an adjusted analyzer it is possible to examine the crystals with polarized light anf thus, an indentification of twinned crystals is possible. These two microscopes are mainly used for the preparation of single crystals for X-ray structure analysis. The crystals are inserted in a small capillary with the help of a glass wire and these capillaries are then sealed with the help of the lighter, lying next to the microscope
Stereo Polarizationmicroscope SZX-9


 Stereo Microscope SZ-40 (Olympus)


This microscope can achieve a zoom factor of 40. It is mainly used for the identification of single crystals for X-ray structure analysis which are hardly visible. Furthermore it is also used to prepare single crystals on a glass wire to mount on the diffractometer for the low temperature measurements.




Stereo Microscope SZ-40


Stereo Microscope BX-51 (Olympus) with Heating Table TS1500 (Linkam)


This microscope is equipped with a lens revolver, enabling a maximum zoon factor of 40. The samples can be investigated when situated on a heating table, allowing temperatures up to 1500°C. With the help of this microscope it is possible to follow high temperature phase transitions.




Stereo Microscope BX-51, Heating Table TS1500