Ammonothermal Synthesis and Crystal Growth of Nitrides

15. Februar 2021

Neues Standard-Werk zur Ammonothermalen Materialsynthese und Kristallzucht; Herausgeber: Elke Meissner und Rainer Niewa

Das Buch ist Teil der Springer in Materials Science book series.


This book provides a collection of contributed chapters, delivering a comprehensive overview of topics related to the synthesis and crystal growth of nitride compounds under supercritical ammonia conditions. Focusing on key chemical and technological aspects of ammonothermal synthesis and growth of functional nitride compounds, the book also describes many innovative techniques for in-situ observation and presents new data fundamental for materials synthesis under ammonothermal conditions. With its detailed coverage of many thermodynamic and kinetics aspects, which are necessary for understanding and controlling crystal growth, this contributed volume is the ideal companion to materials chemists and engineers at any point in their journey in this rich and exciting field.

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